Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What puts CariNet ahead of competition?

CariNet's competitive advantages are numerous. Some things that set us apart are that we build, own and operate our own datacenters. We own the real estate so we have been able to install all of the generators and other redundancy measures that we want, without limitations. Because we own all of the real estate, we can provide tailored networks and infrastructure that the canned server rack companies can not provide. CariNet has remained a privately held company since our founding in 1997 and we have customers in our datacenters from over 150 countries, providing us with financial strength in a fluctuating global economy. CariNet can provide you with multi-gig uplinks and HSRP if you need it. Most importantly, CariNet works hand in hand with all of our customers with the realization that we are partners. We start every working relationship with the full knowledge that if our customers don't succeed, neither will we; whereas when our customers grow, so do we. We are all on a first name basis.

CariNet stays ahead of competition by staying ahead of changing technology. In our partnerships with Intel, 3tera, Blade Network and others, we are able to beta test hardware and software before it makes it to market. One example is 3tera's AppLogic Cloud OS. CariNet recognized the paradigm shift from traditional server clusters to cloud computing, so we searched far and wide for the best cloud solution on the market. We decided to not just sell, but fully partner up with 3tera in providing their AppLogic Cloud OS on our hardware in our datacenters. CA recently purchased 3tera for an estimated $100 million dollars, verifying for us once again that we made the right choice at the right time.

While there are plenty of server and/or cloud hosting companies out there, CariNet excels in clustering and clouds. We work hand in hand with all of our customers with the realization that we are partners. Additionally, we always offer the latest technology available as well as HSRP and multi-Gig uplinks. We have sister companies and partners that provide services including website and application development as well as system administration. If you need something that is not on our website, just ask.


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