Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why CariNet?

CariNet provides the best private cloud hosting services period. We provide hosting, training and consulting on private server clusters, private clouds and hybrid cluster / cloud hosting environments. We provide custom hosting solutions with seamless scalability, increased reliability, and unparalleled ease of management. While our focus is trained on the future, we never lose sight of what made us the premier cloud hosting provider we are today; top-notch support for all of our customers. CariNet has continued growing since 1997 primarily on word of mouth referrals from our global base of customers. CariNet’s datacenters host customers from over 150 countries. We know that all of our customers are our partners because our continued success and growth is 100% dependent on your continued success and growth.

CariNet has become a leader in the cloud hosting field with a wide variety of cloud offerings to supplement our traditional servers and server clusters. Whether you work in Linux or Windows, you will love CariNet. We are partners with 3tera in offering their AppLogic Cloud Operating System and we are the only hosting company in the world with an Intel Premier Partnership. We have hosted the world for well over a decade, and are fluent in all things Internet and server related. We build, own and operate all of our datacenters and facilities in the United States and are capable of handling customers and demands of any size. We have also expanded our global footprint through partnerships with other datacenters around the world. Contact CariNet; your Complete Cloud Computing Center.


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